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Alright! You're about to get access to my favorite investment. I buy properties like these as often as possible.

In the interest of not wasting anyone's time, I have to tell you that this kind of investment property is not for everyone. 

Rather than beat around the bush, I'll just be direct and tell you who this is for, and who it isn't for...

This IS for:

1. People who want the best cashflow profit in the nation. This is key because a lot of investors limit themselves to choosing from less than 1% of the investment properties by looking only in their local area. That made sense before the internet, but these days business can be easily coordinated across vast distances using the internet. This allows you to scoop up the best of the best.

2. People who want PASSIVE income. If you stay up late and watch infomercials you'll see all the pitches for real estate "business systems". This isn't one of them. This is an investment, and true investments are passive. That means money goes into your bank account each month without you having to do work.

3. People who don't want to reinvent the wheel. It took me over 10,000 hours of doing things the hard way to establish the strategy and contacts to make this work smoothly. If you want to piggy back on my hard work to make it easy for you, this is for you.

4. People who want property management taking care of everything IF it's not eating into 10% NET profits. This is a key factor. I used to manage my properties myself only to get 6% net ROI. Now I get 10%+ ROI per year and all the work is done for me. If you want more ROI from less work, this is for you.

This is NOT for:

1. People who want extra "job" with limited pay and unlimited pain. If you're looking for a way to grind it out at yet another job that gnaws away at your only irreplaceable asset—your precious time—this is not for you.

2. People who want to reinvent the wheel and/or tinker with things. If it "ain't broke" and you still want to "fix" it, this is not for you.

3. People who want to suffer for every dollar of profit. If you want to get involved in every annoying thing that happens with your property so you can "brag" about how much you're suffering to "earn" your profit, this is not for you.

Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest so that nobody's time is wasted... including yours!

If you're still reading, then it's because this may be for you! Go ahead and fill out the deal request form below to connect directly with my real estate partners so you can have a relaxed conversation, view available inventory, get your questions answered, and find out if this is a fit.

 - Jeff
Can You Meet These 4 Requirements?
1) You must invest passively
This is one thing the big retail financial markets have right. It is certainly easy, for example, to buy a few shares of Apple Inc without having to go work for them.

So why do so many real estate investors so often give themselves a landlording job? It’s because there’s a myth that reducing expenses can get you wealthy.

It is true that you need to reduce your living expenses to get them smaller than your income in order to have money to invest… 

But in real estate investing, landlording it yourself reduces the value of your time when there are plenty of professional landlords [property managers] available.

It just doesn’t make sense to take away a landlord’s job for yourself AND take away your own precious time.

If you haven’t tried acting as a high-level passive investor, don’t be afraid. You’re in for a treat!

All that work (screening renters, collecting rent, getting things repaired, receiving phone calls in the middle of the night when things go wrong) used to be part of the property investment game for me too.

“No pain, no gain!” I would say.

But after years of the pain, I was pleased to discover that by forming an investor club, we could get better investment deals… WITHOUT the pain.

I was never able to do this all by myself. It takes the power of a well aligned GROUP to make it happen.

So, here's the deal...Think about seeing your profit getting deposited into your bank account every month.

...Now do you want to MAXIMIZE the pain and work you have to personally endure in order to get that deposit? If so, then this surplus investment property deal is NOT for you.

But, if you'd like to MINIMIZE the pain and work needed to receive that monthly profit deposit, then you're going to love this because this is as good as it gets for the passive property investor!

Our investment property deals are “turn-key” with property management built in. Everything is done for you.
2) You must be an action taker
This is pretty straightforward. If you’re looking for reasons to not do this, then save yourself the time and move on to something else.

But if you’re looking for reasons to do this, I’ve laid it all out for you so you can step up and take action. 
3) You must be ready to go beyond local
For a high level, passive property investor… there’s actually an advantage to buying NOT in your local area.

First off, do you want the best investment property deals in the world… or just the best in your area?

We stick to areas that have a strong track record for staying rented with stable rents, even in the past real estate crash. So when everyone else in the real estate market (and in the big financial markets on Wall Street) were losing their shirts… investment properties in the areas we focus on just kept chugging along.

This is very important because timing is everything, and with a recession due again soon, it’s important you know that most areas are NOT recession-proof.

We particularly focus in certain recession-proof areas of Ohio.
4) You must pay cash
This is generally not a good time to be using mortgage financing. For one, it increases risk of losing money, especially during a recession.

Recessions happen about every decade and we are due for one—so this isn’t a good time to increase your risk by using mortgage financing.

Plus, think about the purpose of mortgage financing in real estate investing anyways. It’s used to:

A) Make diversification possible when buying properties at a price of $350,000 and up. When buying a property for only $60,000 there’s room to diversify already by building a portfolio of several investment properties.

B) Try to boost weak returns. My take on this is that if a particular investment property has returns that are so weak that you have to juice them up with debt leverage… then you shouldn’t buy it. And if you already did, sell it and move on to bigger and better profits.

Plus buying in cash puts you at a tremendous advantage for getting the best deals—the ones that carry a cashflow profit of at least 10-12% per year, like these.

Everybody likes a fast and easy closing, and that requires paying cash. And to be clear, we’re not talking briefcases full of cash, just a simple bank wire to a title company.
Then here's what to do...
If you meet these criteria and want to get one of these surplus investment property deals that:

- carries a 10% per year Net ROI from cashflow alone, and
- is strategically positioned to be recession-proof

Then fill out this form below to reach out to my partner Mark's office:

* Legal disclaimer: ROI means “return on investment” or profit. That’s the stuff you want! The bigger you profit, the sooner you retire, the larger you live, and the greater you give to causes and heirs of your choice. The ROI and profit numbers referenced are not to be construed as an investment offering or a performance guarantee but just an illustration of the impact that better investment performance can have. Also, this communication is not a replacement for professional tax advice, legal advice, or investment advice. You probably already know that no matter what “they” tell you, you are responsible for yourself and the mindset of individual responsibility is one of the most important investment success principles.
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